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T&Cs - Edubox Service

Below is our terms and condition for all services provided by Learn Create Play Ltd trading as Edubox:


1. Payment is requested in advance of the course of tuition commencing. 

2. The student will only be able to attend the course once payment is made in full. 

3. If a student misses a lesson for any reason including illness, bad weather conditions, school trip, forgetting to attend then Edubox cannot refund or credit for the lesson missed.

4. If the student chooses they no longer want to continue with lessons, the remaining lessons are non-refundable.

5. Lessons that have already taken place are non-refundable in any case.

6. If the school or organisation is funding the lessons provided by Edubox, the school or organisation should inform of all course dates and weeks excluding in advance of the course commencing. 

7. If a school is funding lessons and decides to not have a lesson within the current course (that was not arranged in advance), due to exams, timings then Edubox cannot refund or credit the lesson. 

8. We ask the school to help us demand payment from the parent if Edubox is not able to recover any outstanding payments due to Edubox.


1. Edubox asks schools to provide half term's notice to Edubox if they would like to stop or pause lessons with Edubox.

2. Schools are entitled to terminate lessons with immediate effect for good reason and that includes: a tutor not turning up to teach on multiple occasions (continued  absence for any reason), the tutor underperforms with their teaching work, and/or guilty of gross misconduct. 

3. Edubox asks schools to keep in correspondence with Edubox throughout our time providing our services to the school.


1. All tutors are self employed and have responsibility for their taxes and self assessment duties.

2. If a tutor misses a lesson Edubox will refund or credit for the missed lesson. 

3. Edubox will not pay for any loss of earnings if a tutor disputes the consultancy agreement prior to signing. Moreover, no amendments can be made to the consultancy agreement. 

4. If a tutor cannot attend a lesson for any reason including difficulties with the commute, illness, bad weather, unforeseen circumstances, then the tutor should inform the school as soon as possible. The tutor should also contact Edubox and Edubox will notify the school or organisation or parent(s) as soon as Edubox hear's of this information. 

5. All tutors are thoroughly vetted through the interview process and checks are done including Rights to Work in the UK, DBS, qualifications , safe guarding and teaching experience. 


1. The tutor will bring their own musical instrument to teach with. 

2. It should be arranged with the school or organisation in advance which parties are providing the equipment and materials.

3. if anything were to happen with parties' property Learn Create Play Ltd trading as Edubox is covered up to £5 million public liability insurance.

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